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Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee

The Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) independently monitors and evaluates national and international efforts to fight corruption in Afghanistan. It reports to the public, Parliament, President, and international community. Learn more about us here.

February 15, 2015: MEC Issues New Recommendations on the Required Self-Assessment of Afghanistan's Compliance with the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)

Today, MEC issued two new recommendations on the HOO's self-assessment of Afghanistan's compliance with the UNCAC. In too many instances, HOO's report cited a particular—-and, often, irrelevant-—Afghan law or regulation, declaring that the mere existence of this provision satisfied the UNCAC’s requirements. Therefore, to address the manifest inadequacies of HOO’s self-assessment report, MEC is recommending that the new government: (1) conduct a comprehensive review of the first-phase of the self-assessment to evaluate accurately its gaps and weaknesses; and (2) designate a more competent agency to oversee the second phase of the self-assessment, which is slated to begin this year.
Read MEC's Press Release and New Recommendations on UNCAC

December 3, 2014: Transparency International Again Ranks Afghanistan as One of the Most Corrupt Countries in the World

Read MEC's News Release on Transparency International's 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index

November 19, 2014: MEC Releases a Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment on the Pharmaceutical-importation Process

The importation process is highly vulnerable to corruption, from the registration of foreign pharmaceutical companies, to the registration documents themselves, to the lack of effective, laboratory-based quality controls. MEC found that companies have little incentive to follow the formal licensing process, given that it is complicated and can be easily overridden through bribery or by leveraging relationships with powerful persons both inside and outside the government.

VCA on Pharmaceutical Importation
VCA News Release
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About us


MEC is an independent agency, and is not subject to direction from either the Afghan government or from the international community. It was created after the need for an autonomous anti-corruption monitoring and evaluation body was identified at the London and Kabul conferences. Following the London Conference, (click to read London Conference Communique) the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan invited the international community to form a joint Afghan-International monitoring and evaluation committee. MEC focuses on:

  • developing anti-corruption recommendations;
  • monitoring and evaluating the anti-corruption efforts of the Afghan government and the international community; and
  • reporting on a regular basis to the President, Parliament, and people of Afghanistan, as well as to the international community, about the state of the fight against corruption.

The Committee

The Committee consists of six senior anti-corruption experts selected through a nomination process overseen by the international community and the Afghan government. The Chairmanship of the Committee alternates between an Afghan and an international appointee every six months.

The current members of the Committee are:

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    Mr. Drago Kos (Slovenia)

    Former Chair of the Council of Europe's Group of States against Corruption

  • thumbnail

    Mr. Mohammad Yasin Osmani (Afghanistan)

    Advisor to the President and former Director of HOO

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    Ms. Eva Joly (France/Norway)

    Member of the European Parliament and initiator of the Paris Declaration Against Corruption

  • thumbnail

    Mr. Zakem Shah (Afghanistan)

    Advisor to the President and former Minister of Commerce

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    Shaukat Hassan (Bangladesh/Canada)

    Chief of Party of MSI, Headed USAID's Anti-Corruption Program in Afghanistan

  • thumbnail

    Dr. Yama Torabi (Afghanistan)

    Founder and Board Member of Integrity Watch Afghanistan

The Secretariat

MEC is supported by a technical secretariat consisting of national and international staff. The Secretariat is led by an Executive Director and is divided into five teams: Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment, Communication and Reporting, and Administration.

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What We Do

Developing Recommendations and Benchmarks

MEC has issued over 100 recommendations in the areas of governance, prevention and law enforcement affecting a variety of government and international institutions. The recommendations address policy gaps that exist in the national or international effort to fight corruption. The latest recommendations are aimed at increasing aid effectiveness, preventing impunity, ensuring transparency in elections, preventing corruption in infrastructure projects and combating land usurpation.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation of Recommendations

MEC monitors and evaluates the implementation of its recommendations and reports on the effectiveness of the implementation. MEC's Secretariat works closely with implementing institutions to gauge progress and identify any potential problems. The Secretariat also seeks information from civil society and other partners to assess whether the recommendations have been implemented by the government and the effectiveness of this implementation.

Public Inquiry into Kabul Bank Crisis

MEC completed a public inquiry into the Kabul Bank crisis in November 2012, which included the analysis of extensive documentary evidence and interviews. The report included 48 recommendations directed at a number of government institutions, aimed at resolving outstanding Kabul Bank issues and correcting structural governance and justice sector deficiencies in Afghanistan. MEC will continue to monitor the implementation of its recommendations and report to the public on progress to help ensure that all outstanding issues are resolved.

Monitoring the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Related Articles of Presidential Decree 45

Although the Office of Administrative Affairs (OAA) is tasked with monitoring and evaluating Presidential Decree 45, MEC decided to independently monitor and evaluate the implementation of 38 anti-corruption related articles. MEC has conducted extensive monitoring activities to evaluate the government's progress and issued a report with its findings on March 31, 2013.

Vulnerability to Corruption Assessments (VCAs)

VCAs identify vulnerabilities to corruption in government processes and allow for the development of strategies to mitigate these risks. MEC has released six VCAs in the areas of pharmaceutical importation, land distribution for repatriates, pension administration, civil service appointments, education certificate issuance, and university examination administration.

Consultation and Outreach

MEC acts as a key facilitator and coordinator among actors in the fight against corruption in Afghanistan. MEC has initiated stakeholder working groups to identify corruption issues and solutions. To date MEC has met over one hundred individuals from over one hundred government institutions and civil society organizations, as well as the international community. MEC also conducts provincial missions to gain a regional perspective; to date these visits have included Nangarhar, Balkh and Herat.

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News, Press Releases and Upcoming Events

MEC in the news

November 20, 2014: Khaama Press: Afghan pharmaceutical market consists $400m illegally imported products
November 19, 2014: Washington Post: Sub-standard medicine floods Afghan market
November 19, 2014: Tolo News: Past 10 Years Saw 1.2 Million Acres of Land Grabbed: MEC
January 27, 2014: Afghanistan Times: Public sectors vulnerable to corruption: MEC
January 27, 2014: Pajhwok: MEC alleges rampant graft in key ministries
January 11, 2014: Pajhwok: MEC calls for AISA audit, oversight
December 13, 2013: REUTERS: Corrupt money hides in Dubai, officials turn blind eye - Eva Joly
November 17, 2013: USA Today: MEC says Afghans are concerned the upcoming presidential election is vulnerable to corruption
October 24, 2013: CoST: Afghanistan joins CoST in determination to fight corruption following MEC´s recommendation
September 28, 2013: Pajhwok: IEC asked to reject corrupt candidates
July 8, 2013: OECD: MEC member Drago Kos is appointed as head of the OECD Working Group on Bribery from 2014
March 24, 2013: Tolo News: Afghan Govt Graft on the Rise, Corruption Monitor Says
March 17, 2013: The West Australian: Afghan anti-graft body raps Kabul Bank court ruling
November 28, 2012: Tolo News: Kabul Bank Fraud Buttressed by Weak Governance

Press Releases

November 19, 2014: Land Usurpation Report | News Release
November 19, 2014: Pharmaceutical Importation VCA | News Release
September 17, 2014: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat | News Release | Backgrounder
September 17, 2014: Sixth Six-Month Report | News Release | Backgrounder
June 10, 2014: Customs | News Release | Backgrounder | Recommendations
June 3, 2014: Anti-Money Laundering Law | News Release | Backgrounder | Letter to the National Assembly
June 1, 2014: Supreme Audit Office | News Release | Backgrounder | Recommendations
May 6, 2014: ATRA and Red Crescent | News Release | Backgrounder | ATRA Recommendations | Red Crescent Recommendations
April 16, 2014: Fifth Six-Month Report | News Release | Backgrounder
February 10, 2014: Attorney General's Office | News Release | Backgrounder | Recommendations
January 27, 2014: Vulnerability to Corruption Assessments | News Release | Backgrounder
January 11, 2014: AISA | News Release | Backgrounder | Recommendations
December 9, 2013: International Anti-Corruption Day | News Release
December 4, 2013: Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index | News Release
November 4, 2013: Election Campaign Financing | News Release | Backgrounder | Recommendations
October 21, 2013: Draft Minerals Law | News Release | Backgrounder | Letter to the National Assembly | Recommendations
October 9, 2013: National Military Hospitals | News Release | Backgrounder | MEC's Letter to SIGAR
September 28, 2013: Fourth Six-Month Report | News Release | Backgrounder
March 31, 2013: Presidential Decree 45 Monitoring Report | News Release
March 24, 2013: Third Six-Month Report & Fifth Set of Recommendations and Benchmarks | Media Advisory | Backgrounder | News Release Third Six-Month Report | News Release Fifth Set of Recommendations and Benchmarks
March 17, 2013: Response to Kabul Bank Public Inquiry | News Release
March 5, 2013: MEC Reaction to Kabul Bank Tribunal Judgment | News Release
November 28, 2012: Kabul Bank Public Inquiry Report | Media Advisory

Upcoming Events

February 2015:
15th MEC Mission in Afghanistan
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Kabul Bank
October 2, 2014: Kabul Bank Follow-Up Report
November 15, 2012: Kabul Bank Public Inquiry Report

Land Usurpation
November 19, 2014: Report on the Public Inquiry into Land Usurpation

Presidential Decree 45 Monitoring and Evaluation Report
The first monitoring report of the 38 anti-corruption related articles of Presidential Decree 45.
March 31, 2013: Presidential Decree 45 Monitoring and Evaluation Report
June 21, 2012: Presidential Decree 45 (Translated into English)

MEC Six-Month Reports
September 17, 2014: Sixth Six-Month Report (January - June 2014)
April 27, 2014: Fifth Six-Month Report (July - December 2013)
September 28, 2013: Fourth Six-Month Report (January - June 2013)
March 24, 2013: Third Six-Month Report (July - December 2012)
July 25, 2012: Second Six-Month Report (January - June 2012)
December 2011: First Six-Month Report (July - December 2011)

Sets of Recommendations and Benchmarks
March 24, 2013: 5th Set of Recommendations and Benchmarks
1st - 4th Sets of Recommendations and Benchmarks

Vulnerability to Corruption Assessments (VCAs) Reports
November 19, 2014: VCA on Pharmaceutical Importation
January 27, 2014: VCA on the Land Distribution Process for Repatriates | Download Summary | Download Full Report
January 27, 2014: VCA on Pension Administration Reform | Download Summary | Download Full Report
January 27, 2014: VCA on Civil Service Appointments | Download Summary | Download Full Report
January 27, 2014: VCA on Education Certificate Issuance | Download Summary | Download Full Report
January 27, 2014: VCA on University Examination Administration | Download Summary | Download Full Report
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